ITS Lending is Italy's First Crowdfunding Platform Helping to Save Italian Villages

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| Wed, 06/29/2022 - 08:36
ITS Lending

One of Italy's newest crowdfunding platforms, ITS Lending, is helping people invest in maintaining Italy's charming village life and regenerating ancient towns in vibrant campaigns where truly anyone can participate. 

Everyone knows Italy for its rich cultural heritage, notable international wines and its varied regional cuisine. But the proverbial "heart" of the country lies in its small towns, which often have fewer than 5,000 inhabitants, making up communities that maintain centuries of history. 

There's been a rapid depopulation in recent decades as young locals transfer to larger cities. As a result, these small, heartfelt communities lose not only people but their ideas, passions and projects for future development. 

Fortunately, some of these small communities are seeing an increase in international interest. Visitors often want to figure out a way to help invest in these communities' futures and economic vitality. This is where ITS Lending steps in to facilitate this wish. 

Help crowdfund projects that revitalize Italian villages 

Launched in 2021, ITS ITALY is the first crowdfunding platform that allows people to invest their money in restoring historic buildings in ancient Italian villages. The opportunities shown on the ITS Lending platform are all properties processed by ITS ITALY, a London-based lifestyle company leading the regeneration of ancient Italian towns across the country. 

ITS ITALY chooses each property in collaboration with local municipalities to ensure their investment fits within the village's broader recovery plans. 

But ITS ITALY does not stop at restoring properties; the company instead adopts a 360-degree approach to tackling the revival of Italy's villages. They are also involved in numerous activities, projects, and initiatives to support and improve community services, like creating social spaces and areas to work remotely. 

How does it work? 

While through ITS ITALY, members will become owners of a restored house, with ITS Lending, an investor does not become the property owner but an investor whose funds will be returned to them at maturity, plus an interest rate between 6 and 12 percent on an annual basis.

Therefore ITS Lending is an excellent option for all those passionate about Italy who would like to support a socially impactful project preserving Italian culture by investing in profitable and secure assets. 

All the opportunities on ITS Lending have, in fact, already been purchased by a final buyer, making the entire process more secure for investors. For an added level of security, capital and interest payback is also ensured by their financial partner if the final buyer withdraws. 

Furthermore, ITS Lending is perfect for first-time investors on a limited budget, given the company’s high standards of transparency, sustainability and security. They also can facilitate investments in short-term loans to co-finance each property project with their finance partners. 

To participate, interested investors have to register (for free) on ITS Lending's platform, choose among the campaigns available and pledge an amount. Consider that the minimum investment required is 100 euros. 

After passing standard security and background checks, all it takes is transferring the money into the digital wallet, from which the investors will also be able to withdraw funds after the capital has been re-paid. The capital and interest rate will be returned to the investor after the works are completed, usually within six to twelve months from the end of the campaign.

Reviving villages in a sustainable way 

Sustainability is also at the company's core, allowing people to invest in a project that is safe in all aspects. All properties presented on the platform will be renovated according to the highest energy efficiency and sustainability standards. Renovations are supervised by ITS ITALY, which also always takes care to preserve the architectural features that make historic buildings unique.

Moreover, many campaigns raised funds for renovation works aimed at improving the ecological imprint of the properties. For example, the first project launched in the Apulian hamlet of Caprarica di Lecce included the installation of a centralized solar system for the production of hot water for everyday use. 

Helping entrepreneurs and digital nomads with clubhouses and co-working spaces 

An ITS Lending crowdfunding campaign recently concluded in Montecreto (near Modena) in the Emilia Romagna region and included the installation of an electric charging station outside the building. The project was aimed at the conversion of a local building into a clubhouse: a place of about 150 / 250sqm open to the public with co-working and social functions. 

ITS ITALY aims to support the local communities by providing equipped ‘clubhouse’ spaces for young entrepreneurs. These places are at the heart of ITS ITALY's social impact and their fruition is only made possible thanks to ITS Lending investors, who can choose to diversify their property portfolio according to their needs and criteria.

So far, ITS Lending has involved several villages in different regions of Italy, and each of its campaigns has closed in overfunding thanks to the interest of many foreigners who cherish Italy. 

Current ITS Lending campaigns making a difference 

ITS Lending recently closed its seventeenth campaign, ending the first part of the year with with a total of €960 thousand, plus three fully repaid loans for a total of over €103 thousand, including interest.

So far, ITS Lending has closed eight crowdfunding campaigns in Sicily, three in Tuscany (of which the two in Roccastrada have now been fully paid back), two in Puglia and one in Emilia Romagna. This month the company also opened the its first opportunity in the Marche region, in the beautiful village of Montedinove. The village offers one of the best views over the region, going from the Adriatic coast to the Sibillini Mountains and from Monte Conero to the Gran Sasso d’Italia. The historic center is of particular architectural interest given the brick buildings enriched with urban furniture details, such as  the municipal wash houses and the fountains of the Polesio aqueduct. Here, ITS Lending is crowdfunding for the renovation of a property on five levels the lower two facing the valley and having access to a private garden.

The property will be subdivided into four apartments of different sizes. The works include masonry and structural works, the refurbishment of the water and electrical systems and the supply of furnishings, external and external fixtures and lighting.  The project should be completed by February 2023, and as for every campaign present on ITS Lending, the building has already been optioned by a final buyer.

Recently, two more opportunities have opened in the stunning Sicilian village of Salemi.

Surrounded by manicured vineyards, Salemi is near Trapani. Located conveniently from all the major towns in the area, this Arab-medieval village is of great historical and urban significance. It was the first capital of Italy, and hosted an 11th-century Norman castle with a great view over western Sicily and the sea.

Salemi in southwestern Sicily
Salemi, in southwestern Sicily

The two ITS Lending campaigns aim at restoring a turn-key three-storey building in Piazza Dittatura, next to the beautiful town hall of Salemi. One campaign is aimed at the creation of a co-working space on the ground floor overlooking Piazza Dittatura with two windows which will be completely renovated. The property has already been purchased by Gepark, which will retain the ownership of the co-working space. The premises will then be rented to a specialized company that will manage the spaces. For this campaign, the works also include renovating the water and electrical systems and supplying furnishings and lighting fixtures.

The other campaign concerning this property will instead focus on renovating the apartments on the three levels of the building. The plans include the complete restoration and refurbishment of the apartments, plus the renovation of the facade towards the square and the internal courtyard towards Via La Rocca.

This way, the project will recover two properties, each with a separate entrance to the magnificent internal courtyard, which will be divided into four apartments, two for each wing. In addition, the two apartments on the highest floor will have access to a private terrace in the attic, which offers a wonderful panoramic view of the village and the entire valley.

The crowdfunding campaign aims to finance around 50 percent of the requirement as a maximum objective.

Full of traditions and thriving local businesses, Salemi is also included in the club of the most beautiful villages in Italy, the association of small Italian towns that stand out for their great artistic, cultural and historical importance, for the harmony of the urban fabric, livability and services to citizens. Overall, this is the perfect town to invest in for anyone interested in preserving Italian heritage.

Full of traditions and thriving local businesses, Salemi is also included in the club of the most beautiful villages in Italy, the association of small Italian towns that stand out for their great artistic, cultural and historical importance, for the harmony of the urban fabric, livability and services to citizens. Overall, this is the perfect town to invest in for anyone interested in preserving Italian heritage.

Why ITS Lending

Through ITS Lending, those who are passionate about Italy can invest guilt-free in Salemi or places like it, knowing the funds will go towards a socially impactful cause and serve a company truly interested in the well-being of both the locals and foreigners.

ITS ITALY aims, in fact, to help established communities and newcomers by creating concrete opportunities for foreigners to integrate themselves fully. Not surprisingly, their motto is: "Don't just visit, belong!

ITS Lending offers everybody the chance to contribute positively to the regeneration of local communities, even from a distance. Soon, the company will open a new crowdfunding line dedicated to supporting local businesses, further boosting community economies.

"We are very proud of the results achieved by ITS Lending in just 7 months since its launch,” said the CEO of the platform, Nicola Portacci.

“We have many projects in the pipeline, including in other Italian villages and we are convinced that the second half of the year will bring great satisfaction, both to us and to our investors,” she concluded.

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