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"Palazzo Aronne Pignalberi"
In Serrone, in the small ancient village, nestled in the heart of the historic town, about 700 meters above sea level, we offer for sale a fascinating and unique historic palace, "Palazzo Aronne Pignalberi".
The building is made up of four floors and offers various entrances spread over four levels, allowing for a multifunctional configuration.
The property is private and the rooms are immediately available also for the purposes of a renovation and restoration project.
In the year 2022, a feasibility project was carried out, aimed at seismic and energy improvement. (CILA - SISMABONUS 110)
Currently the two lower floors are in good condition and have been used for the organization of cultural promotion events and for tasting local products.
In 2019 the building was the subject of an experiment for the purposes of social and environmental development.
The idea of the property was to create a house-workshop and house-convivium project in a resilient form.
The functional program of the building includes:
Ground floor: The window overlooking the village.
With its direct view onto the main street, it lends itself to being a point of initial information orientation where you can have a coffee or a hot dish through the
The rustic appearance is congenial to be used as a characteristic historic inn, through minimal renovation.
First floor: Privileged by the direct connection with the external garden from which to admire a breathtaking view.
It lends itself to being used for catering activities with about 50 seats.
The historic environment is the setting for a quality service in contact with the Ciociara culinary tradition.
The entrance from via Vittorio Emanuele 24 takes place via a comfortable staircase embellished with climbing plants and lights that will welcome the visitor.
Functionally, the floor consists of an entrance with wardrobe which directs the path, on one side, towards the toilets and kitchens of approximately 20 m2; while in line with the entrance, there are the spaces for guests consisting of a main room of 60 m2 and two more intimate rooms of 14 m2 and 10 m2.
Between the kitchens and the main room there is a welcoming space that can be used for tasting wines and spirits thanks to its connection to an ancient constant temperature cistern that would act as a cellar and pantry for storing food and wine products.
Garden: In continuity with the first floor there is the garden of approximately 1300 m2 from which you can enjoy a very suggestive view of the Sacco Valley.
This large outdoor space, in addition to being a direct extension of the restaurant, is used to host various types of events including astronomical observations, poetry readings and, on cool summer evenings, an open-air cinema.
Second floor: The forge where ideas come to fruition.
A co-working space conceived as a meeting place between traditional professions and technological innovation.
Various functions are foreseen: a modern fab-lab in which to create models and products aimed at e-commerce; a computer laboratory where to repair electronic devices and computer devices; the artisan workshop where you can handle wood, iron and other traditional materials.
Third floor: The business incubator 4.0.
New entrepreneurship and Start Up conveyed by integrated design paths.
The program involves the coordination of experts in team building activities and multidisciplinary synergistic cooperation.
Training and apprenticeship programs will be launched with the involvement of local businesses and the patronage of research bodies.
The main hall will be used as the operational headquarters of the cultural promotion center, as a conference room, for training courses, for the organization of meetings aimed at corporate team-building.
Third floor (attic): The hostel for innovators and creatives looking for inspiration.
A welcoming space aimed at hosting artisans, artists, researchers, digital nomads, writers, directors.
The functional layout includes an area with approximately 25 beds and a mezzanine recreation room with refreshment bar, toilets and a relaxation area with Turkish bath.
Fourth floor: The house-workshop of time and space.
A housing unit where you can find peace and tranquility.
A welcoming comfort consistent with the historical context.
A perfect place to write a book or a screenplay or to spend a few relaxing days.
The Palazzo, with its large spaces and unique panorama, is the ideal place where history, art and relaxation find their balance.
Opportunity not to be missed.
For further information and/or site visits call 0776566289 or 3487607909. For English speakers: 00393348094290.

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