Location: Emilia Romagna

Caroline Roe


I live with husband, also retired  and our 2 sheep, twin brothers Soay, But & Ben, 2 lady geese, Jennifer and Clarissa, cockeral Romolo and 2 chooks, Blackie and Ginge.  Used to have lovely Cairn Terriers, also from Scotland like us, but sadly no more.  20 years of rehoming abandoned or discarded Cairns is a hard habit to break but our last wee lad Mijbil left us in 2020.  Now live quietly in the country on a farm 15 minutes from the Adriatic 50km each way from Ferrara or Ravenna. 

Love to garden but the weather has been too hot, visiting furry things dig up bulbs and remove them, or eat them in situ.  Love crafting so that gets more attention now such as knitting and design, sketching, jigsawing, marmalade and chutney making and other culinary and baking ideas.  Mosaic creating will be investigated from Feb 2023 as we are visiting for husband's birthday.  He has discovered woodwork and has made many doors for our outside buildings plus lots of wooden gates and fence making to keep our animals in or out, or off fruit trees as in the case of our two sheep.



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