Kristine Jannuzzi


Kristine Jannuzzi is a freelance writer, content creator, and dual American and Italian citizen. She has a particular fondness for formaggio, which blossomed while she was living in Florence. Currently based in NYC, she makes her way back to Italy for work and pleasure as often as possible. You can follow her adventures (cheesy and otherwise) on Instagram @nyccheesechick

Articles by kristine.jannuzzi

Thu, 08/29/2019 - 00:38
Millennia before cacio e pepe became one of the Eternal City’s trendiest pasta dishes and a social media sensation, its starring ingredient graced the…
Tue, 08/08/2017 - 04:53
Cover photo credit: Wally Gobetz (flickr).               Of all the famous historical sites and destinations in Philadelphia, the Ninth Street Italia…