From North to South, Try These Three Quality Extra Virgin Olive Oils

Extra virgin olive oil has different nuances of flavors according to the olives being used and the regions where they are cultivated and processed. The three olive oils we have selected for you below are all monocultivar, which means they are made from a single variety of olive, adding to their quality and uniqueness. They come from different areas of Italy: Lake Garda in the north, which features the Casaliva olive variety, producing a well-rounded and complex taste with notes of grass and almonds; Umbria in the center employs the Dolce Agogia variety, with rich notes of artichoke, and a complex and balanced taste; and Sicily in the south, using the Cerasuola variety, rich in fruity notes of medium ripe tomatoes and white apples. This also determines what they pair best with, which we have noted below.   

Plus, authentic extra virgin olive oil has optimum health benefits, we have rounded them up for you below in our feature, "Eight Things to Know About Olive Oil." 

Pick your favorite (or all three!) and experience what authentic extra virgin olive oil should taste like!