Figs, with their jam-like sweetness, add pizzazz to the sausage, building a smoky, and deeply satisfying pasta dish.
Almondy shortbread domes filled with custard and topped with icing, these classic Sicilian sweets were first created in the 1800s at the Monastero di Santa Maria dell Vergini in Palermo.   
A totally nut-free pesto, that is ready in minutes, and is sophisticated, yet simple.  
Unlike most American fruit pies, this specialty of Italy is best served icy cold so it makes a fabulous warm-weather dessert, perfect for strawberry season  

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@rfgilbride asks:

Hi there,

I am visiting Tuscany with my partner and some friends in July (4 people) and I'm hoping to arrange a half day cooking course. We're looking for a rustic cooking experience, nothing too fancy. 

Would love to hear of any recommendations if people have them?

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Is Italian Wedding Soup really Italian or just Americanized from something else?




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