The best known version of this iconic dessert, Neapolitan pastiera, is made with whole wheat berries. But there’s a much less labor-intensive twist that uses pasta instead.
Avocados aren’t indigenous to Italy, but, as with tomatoes and corn, once these New World veggies arrived in the Boot, the Italians did magical things with them. This recipe from Sicily is proof.
This salad is a chop-and-mix affair made mostly from classic jarred products like capers, cocktail onions and zesty giardiniera, all tossed in a creamy dressing.
Simple to make and not too sweet, buccellato is a traditional aromatic dessert bread of Lucca. It’s said that if you come to town and don’t try it, you may as well never have visited.

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I am looking for a genuine recipe for steak Florentine. Thanks

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I am going to Venice for a week from 7th November staying in a Home Exchange near Rialto - to live like Venetian.

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Suggestions for restaurants in Puglia