In this unique dessert, slightly bitter radicchio is transformed into an exquisite marmalade, then added to yoghurt and honey to create an exceptional semi-freddo.
This classic soup of Tuscany--a rich mix of slow cooked vegetables and beans--- is named frantoiana, Italian for an olive press because it features a final finish of newly pressed Tuscan olive oil.
This crostata will never disappoint, just imagine a thick layer of chocolate ganache on top of a creamy filling of fresh ricotta and cream. 
This dish underscores the earthy nutty flavor of fresh fava beans, which combines wonderfully with the crunchy bread bits and creamy Fontina cheese. It’s one of the few pasta dishes from Valle d’…

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How to make Pesto with Eggplant?

For those who don't have time to cook every night, a slow cooker is a great tool for making easy meals that yield loads of leftovers: Think soups, stews, and much more. Plus, they're surprisingly affordable and super easy to clean, as most models are dishwasher-safe.