These unusual ravioli from the Teramo area of Abruzzo have a rum filling that brings out the marjoram’s lovely aroma. Lemon zest adds a bright pop.  
The secret to good spaghetti alle vongole — a standout dish in the "seven fishes" lineup on Christmas Eve — is steaming the clams open separately in water, then adding them to the sauce. 
Don't be intimidated by Puglia's primo (first course) par excellence: It's a simple dish for a weeknight dinner at home or an informal meal for guests.
This not-too-sweet autumn treat from Umbria is packed with fruit, nuts and zesty flavor.

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I am looking for a genuine recipe for steak Florentine. Thanks

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I am going to Venice for a week from 7th November staying in a Home Exchange near Rialto - to live like Venetian.

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Suggestions for restaurants in Puglia