Who knew giblets could make something this good? Though this sauce is made of oft-discarded poultry parts, it’s a refined delicacy with deep, rich flavor. 
Crunchy, colorful vegetables bring this summer seaside staple to life.  
This delicious and summery sweet relies on a top-quality DOCG dessert wine as its base.  
This re-interpretation of a Roman favorite is a sure hit for summertime.

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@rfgilbride asks:

Hi there,

I am visiting Tuscany with my partner and some friends in July (4 people) and I'm hoping to arrange a half day cooking course. We're looking for a rustic cooking experience, nothing too fancy. 

Would love to hear of any recommendations if people have them?

@pjallie asks:


Is Italian Wedding Soup really Italian or just Americanized from something else?




@bismallw asks:

I am logged in but I still cannot view the article on the wine in Trasimeno - the system keeps saying it is premium content and I have to log in.