Ciabotto is just one name for this humble and nourishing vegetable stew, a less fussy version of ratatouille and a summer staple throughout central and southern Italy
These bird-shaped cookies are a traditional Abruzzo sweet made with “scrucchiata,” a sugar-free grape jam typical of the region made with the area’s famed Montepuliano d’Abruzzo grapes.
A crostata is a rustic, lattice-topped tart composed of buttery pastry filled with good jam but this our top summer version. 
There are many types of stuffed zucchini dishes. This one is the traditional one from Bologna, distinguished from the other variations because the zucchini is left whole, simmered in tomato sauce and…

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How to make Pesto with Eggplant?

For those who don't have time to cook every night, a slow cooker is a great tool for making easy meals that yield loads of leftovers: Think soups, stews, and much more. Plus, they're surprisingly affordable and super easy to clean, as most models are dishwasher-safe.