Molise is a region of Southern Italy. The region is split into two provinces, named after their respective capitals Campobasso and Isernia. Campobasso also serves as the regional capital. Molise has much tradition from the religious to the pagans, many museum, archeological sites, musical and food events. International tourism is becoming more evident largely as a result of the international flights from other European states, Great Britain, and North America which enter Pescara not far to the north in Abruzzo. The tourists are attracted by large expanses of unspoilt beaches, a relative lack of congestion, and the gentle pace of life.

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I an American trying to buy a second home in Italy, do you advise hiring a Geometra surveyor ? I do not speak Italian so I am hoping to find someone can speak little English, do you recommend anyone on Termoli  Guglionese Area. Please advise

thank you for your time

@r.bisaccia asks:

One of the most difficult things to open and manage when a part time owner in Italy are the UTILITIES!!

There should be an entire guide written about this most flummoxing of subjects.

@r.bisaccia asks:

Here's one for you, and kudos to the person who can truly answer it: Sure, you automatically pay the Canone RAI TV tax through your electric bill, but here's the zinger.