Basilicata, also known as Lucania, is a region in the south of Italy, bordering on Campania to the west, Apulia (Puglia) to the north and east, and Calabria to the south. It also has two coastlines, one on the Tyrrhenian Sea between Campania and Calabria, and a longer coastline along the Gulf of Taranto between Calabria and Apulia. The region can be thought of as the "instep" of Italy, with Calabria functioning as the "toe" and Apulia the "heel". At the beginning of 1993, UNESCO declared Sassi di Matera a World Heritage Site. In the same year the Pollino National Park was established.

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Hi, we have just had the internet connected at our house in Italy and intend to buy a smart tv, how do you watch english tv in Italy? Do I need a Vpn, if so does anyone know of a good one to download.




@Giupg asks:

Hi, is it possible to have an australian nursing degree recognised in Italy? 

@Simrose asks:

Hi all, we've been in Italy for some time and realise that because all our income is in the UK, we haven't done an Italian Tax Return.Does anyone know of a good commercialista in Puglia or Basilicata that can help us -  it would help if they spoke some english. Thanks