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Salvatore De Riso helps banish the winter blues with a delicate selection of cakes and desserts fit to brighten up the darkest day. Germaine Stafford meets the Master in question..

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@amatino asks:

Hi. I am in the process of selling a property in Italy and due to complete in the next few weeks. I do have a Euro  account in the UK but would like to know if I am obliged to hand over the keys before the proceeds ofthe sale reach my bank account?

Has anyone got married on the Amalfi Coast before or is anyone planning to? As me and my fiancee are planning to get married next September 2018 in Atrani and trying to be as savvy as we can and shop around, so any ideas, tips, rough costs would be greatly appreciated!

@amatino asks:

Both my brother and myself each own 9/30 of a property in Italy left by our late mother(an Italian) in her will. This had displeased my sister who is blocking a sale unless I agree to share the proportion equally by all the five heirs.