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  • It’s all-inclusive, including lodging in a Tuscan renovated farmhouse with pool
  • A hands-on cooking class with a talented local chef (because you cannot go back home without learning how to cook Italian Style!)
  • Explore various adorable, post-card perfect villages in the region
  • Visit an organic cheese farm and learn about cheese-making (with eating of course)
  • Experience an olive farm and learn all about the culture behind olive oil
  • It’s Italy! Wine is a must, so you’ll visit a local wine producer and be hosted for lunch
  • Become acquainted with local sweets in Siena
  • Witness the age-old art of silversmithing
  • Attend a wood-turning workshop
  • Visit a historic winery…with a wine tasting of course
  • Enjoy a light hike through vineyards and olive gardens
  • Taste the culture of the region through a Florentine steak
  • Meet the Cashmere goats whose coat brings a little softness to our homes
  • Visit an olive oil press with pairing suggestions and a tasting
  • Take a bread and pizza-making class in your villa. Nothing better than freshly baked bread!
  • Get lost in the beautiful towns of San Gimignano and Siena
  • Take it slow and enjoy some “vino” surrounded by the green rolling hills of Chianti


Who we are We are a small boutique travel company based in the beautiful Chianti region in Tuscany. We believe in slow, sustainable travel and love creating meaningful and immersive travel experiences aimed at discovering the authentic cultural and culinary heritage of our Tuscan region. We support and value the amazing craft and talent of passionate local farmers and artists, who deeply respect and love their land with its ancient flavours and deep-rooted traditions, and who are willing to share it with new visitors and friends. Our travel experiences can last from one day to the whole week and have different themes according to guests interests and needs: from organic wine tastings to cheese making lessons, from “slow food” cooking courses to local handicraft, from sustainable cashmere to olive oil tastings, not missing visits to local villages and art centers, hikes in the nature and lots of time around the table, sharing stories and experiences. What we stand for "For the visitor who wants to experience Tuscany in a real and authentic way, we can't recommend KM Zero Tours enough. We could not have seen it the way we did without them. Their introduction was everything, and their philosophy of “slow travel” makes every place you visit a place you want to stay longer and get to know at a deeper level." Lori Sorrentino What "KM Zero Tours" means? "‘Km Zero‘ (litterally ‘no distance’) means the conscious choice to buy quality products and to consume them as close as possible to the area of their production, ensuring this way freshness, seasonality and biodiversity."  Our name refers to a "zero kilometers" relationship between the producer and you, the visitor. We would like to redefine what it means to see Italy by introducing visitors to the local community and the producers who make it all come alive. And when you buy local and experience local, the reward is a more enriching kind of travel that benefits everyone.  "There are no theatrical shows tricking tourists into the fairy tale of Tuscan love affairs, only sustainable, uncompromised and genuine stories about life in Tuscany through the eyes of people keeping up with the ancient traditions that made this region so unique. An experience that comes from the heart. When we travel, it is the people who make the difference." Mar Pages Tuscany is calling, make 2024 the year you will visit it! A small-group escorted travel experience is waiting for you, exploring Chianti and its beautiful treasures. This is not just a trip, it’s an experience – A look into the Tuscan way of life through the flavors, history, vistas, and people of this region. A collection of unique and one-of-a-kind excursions and experiences designed to fully immerse yourself in the real culture and traditions of Tuscany. Colourful flowers in full bloom, pure soft cashmere, lots of delicious cooking, fresh cheese, and olive oil, artichokes, wine, refreshing walks in nature, local art and culture. Tuscany is all this and much more! What are you waiting for? It’s time to discover an authentic Chianti experience, and you are all invited!

NEW 2024 DATES: – Andiamo! Tuscany 2024 Tours:

SPRING 2024: 

- March 30th-April 6, 2024* // Easter special week

- April 6-13, 2024* // The Living Flavours – Spring delights

April 27-May 4th, 2024* // The Living Flavours – Spring delights

May 18-25, 2024* // The Living Flavours – Spring delights

May 25-June 1st, 2024 // The Living Flavours – Spring delights

June 9-16, 2024* // Medieval festivals and vineyard dinners

SUMMER 2024:

August 23-30, 2024* // Summer Festivals & Delights


FALL 2024:

August 31-Sept 7th, 2024* // Fall in Tuscany 1 – Grape Harvest & Wine Festivals

Sept 7th-14th, 2024* // Fall in Tuscany 1 – Grape Harvest & Wine Festivals

Sept 15th-22nd, 2024* // Fall in Tuscany 1 – Grape Harvest & Wine Festivals

Sept 28-Oct 5th, 2024* // Grape Harvest & Holy Wine

Oct 5th-12th, 2024* // Truffles, Fields of Gold and Holy wine

Oct 19th-26th, 2024* // Fall in Tuscany 2 – New Olive Oil, Saffron and Fields of Gold

Nov 3th-10th, 2024* // Fall in Tuscany 2 – New Olive Oil, Saffron and Fields of Gold


WINTER 2024:

- Dec 1-8, 2024* // The magic of Tuscan Winter and Christmas markets!

*It i is also possible to extend/shorten your stay for more/ fewer nights if you wish to, please inquire for more information.   And if these dates don’t work for you… It is possible to organize for you a similar itinerary also on other dates and time of the year, contact us for more information.  

Contact details for more information and reservations for our Tuscany 2024 itineraries: arianna@kmzerotours.com


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