Apples Blossom in Trentino's Val di Non

Tue, 04/22/2014 - 02:30

With the arrival of Spring the Val di Non, a famous valley in the northern region of Trentino Alto Adige, 'turns white' again as if covered in snow for the secong time during the year – a special 'spring snow' made of thousands of apple trees in bloom. 

A special  festival, “Aprile Dolce Fiorire” ("Sweet April Blossoms"), is organised every year to celebrate the colors and fragrances of the Val di Non in the spring time. One of the most interesting events is “Quattro Ville in Fiore,” a hike around apple trees taking people to some of  the most beautiful castles in the area, such as Castel Nanno and Castel Valer.

A fair dedicated to agriculture and gardening takes place in the town of Cles, the “Melinda Ambassadors” (Melinda is the name of the organization representing apple producers of the area) from Val di Non and Val di Sole will be on hand to teach visitors more about Melinda apple growers and to allow them to adopt their apple trees. 

For a calendar of 2014 events click here.