Certo! A Word in Italian You'll Use A Lot

Fri, 01/17/2020 - 02:57

Would you like a holiday home in Lake Como? Would you like to spend the summers at the Italian seaside? Would you like to speak Italian perfectly? If the answer to any of these questions is – yes, of course – then you’re in the right place!

Today we’re going to look at all the different ways to say ‘of course’ in Italian.

Certo / certamente

The most common way to say this is with the word ‘certo’ or ‘certamente’, which translate directly as ‘certainly’ and often have the same meaning as ‘of course’ in English. Here are some sentences using this word:

Certo che andiamo a quel ristorante nuovo stasera! – Of course we’re going to that new restaurant this evening!

Posso prenderne uno? – Can I take one of these?

Certo che puoi! – Of course you can!

Vuoi venire al mare? – Would you like to come to the beach?

Sì, certo! / Sì, certamente! – Yes, of course!

Ricordati di portare l’ombrello oggi – Remember to bring your umbrella today

Certo! / Certamente! – Of course!


This word has multiple meanings as it does in English:

Relating to nature 

Referring to something that comes naturally

Obviously, certainly, of course

Naturalmente la tua famiglia è invitata alla festa – Of course your family is also invited to the party

Naturalmento vengo in macchina con voi – Of course I’m coming in the car with you

Chiaramente / ovviamente

Chiaramente means ‘clearly’ and ovviamente means ‘obviously’. They can both be used to mean ‘of course’:

Chiaramente / ovviamente devo sapere dove andrete – Of course, I will need to know where you are going

Chiaramente / ovviamente ho mangiato tutti i biscotti ieri sera! – Of course I ate all the biscuits yesterday evening!


This expression is a very useful one to learn, as if you translate it directly, it has a very different meaning! It might look like ‘without anything else’ but actually means something like certainly / of course / by all means.

Posso prendere in prestito questa maglietta? – Can I borrow this top?

Senz’altro! – Of course! / Sure, by all means!

Dove sono i miei? – Where are my parents?

Avranno senz’altro dimenticato l’appuntamento – Of course they must have forgotten about the appointment

Vieni con noi stasera? – Are you coming with us this evening?

Senz’altro! – Of course! / Absolutely!