Do You Qualify for Italian Dual Citizenship?

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| Thu, 04/11/2019 - 00:55
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Fortunately for those of Italian descent, Italy has fairly lenient laws to apply for dual citizenship. However the process can be very detailed, time consuming, and is not without its hurdles. We are pleased to present Italian Dual Citizenship (IDC), a leading company specializing in helping people obtain dual citizenship. With offices in the US and Italy, and customized dual citizenship services they make the process of applying for an Italian passport clear & straightforward.

You may be an Italian citizen and not even know it! Believe it or not, changes to legislation in recent times mean that you may be entitled to dual citizenship in Italy. It’s true, the laws surrounding heritage are much more lenient allowing you to obtain Italian dual citizenship through descent, marriage or by legally residing in Italy for a certain number of years.

But why is Italy so favorable compared to the rest of Europe?

Well, Italy is not the only country to inject some tolerance into these laws in Europe, but recent studies indicate the chances of obtaining dual citizenship in this part of the world are higher than elsewhere as Italy has clear laws stating your eligibility.

For example, 825,400 people managed to obtain citizenship of an EU member state in 2017 and Italy accounted for 146,600 of this total. That’s 18% of all new citizenships the European Union and significantly more than France, Germany and even the United Kingdom. 

Why Italy is the Beacon for Dual Citizenship in Europe

Since 1992, Italy has made dual citizenship available to those of Italian descent, and has implemented a process that is much more straightforward than anywhere else in Europe. In fact, obtaining Italian dual citizenship is an actual right for many people and this is outlined under Italys law of ‘Jure Sanguinis’– a principle of nationality law.

Jure sanguinis refers to the “right of blood” and this principle outlines that any individual who can prove their Italian heritage may be eligible for Italian citizenship. Italy views everyone from Italian descent as ‘family’, however you must go throught the proper process with the correct documentation to claim it. With this in mind, the prospect of obtaining dual citizenship and even moving to Italy is very enticing for many people and the Italian citizenship benefits are just as impressive.

For example, you can obtain access to educational programs, better tax brackets and permanent residence in Italy. What’s more, dual citizenship provides access to an excellent healthcare system and absolutely any health care institution in the country, free of charge. As if that’s not enough, Italian citizenship comes with freedom to travel and work anywhere inside the European Union without any time limits or restrictions to keep in mind.

Best of all, you do not need to renounce your native citizenship to obtain dual citizenship and the process allows any individual to retain their original status without any complications on either side.

Are You Eligible for Italian Dual Citizenship?

It’s possible that you already qualify for dual citizenship by law and according to your rights. In many ways, the above statistics and Italy’s approach to dual citizenship also suggests that this is the most straightforward country in which to obtain the status – provided you have proper ancestral ties.

At the same time, you must be able to prove this ancestry and official documentation is needed to support your application. For example, if a recent ancestor happened to get married in Italy, you will need the actual marriage certificate to support this claim. The Italian authorities will require a long-form birth certificate for both the ancestor and spouse to prove your ancestral ties. 

How You Can Start the Process for Dual Citizenship

Do either of your parents come from Italy? Are you a descendant of the diaspora? Maybe you have distant relatives in Italy? In terms of research, these are some of the basic questions that can help you get started.

That being said, naturalization records are made available by the United States government and you can use this resource to search for ancestors with little more than a name and date of birth. However, it’s best to stary identifying male relatives as certain citizenship laws restrict females of a certain age or birthplace from qualifying as a legitimate ancestor.

On the other hand, eligibility for dual citizenship also applies to those who might be living in Italy for more than five years and you can contact the local Italian consulate to enquire about the requriements of obtaining Italian citizenship through naturalization.

At this point, it’s just a case of compiling documentation to prove your ancestral ties and then having these documents apostilled (verified) and translated into Italian by a professional translator. 

After the local Italian consulate has had time to review your application for dual citizenship, you may or may not be entitled to apply for an Italian passport. When this application is approved, the consulate will often register the individual with Italians Residing Abroad (AIRE) which is yet another example of how the Italian authorities make the process easy on the applicant.

The Importance and Value of Dual Citizenship

While many people are unfamiliar with the laws surrounding Italian heritage, the process is surprisingly straightforward with the proper help and Italian authorities are always quick to acknowledge ancestral ties when they exist. For this reason, its no surprose that Italy is one of the most dual-citizenship-friendly countries in Europe and one that tries to simplify the process rather than turn people away.

There has never been a better time to obtain Italian dual citizenship, it’s a move that has numerous benefits!

Italian Dual Citizenship (IDC) is an industry leader in helping those of Italian descent obtain dual citizenship and reconnect ties with their heritage. IDC has offices in Italy and the US to streamline the process of applying for dual citizenship. Italian Dual Citizenship (IDC) offers three levels of assistance including a Full Service Package in which your entire dual citizenship process completed for you by their team of Italian lawyers, genealogists, and translators. More information can be found at or call (213) 277-8705.