Expressing Our Emotions in Italian

Fri, 03/13/2020 - 05:53
italian expression

In our opinion, every connection in Italy can be fantastic, full of new experiences. It can be helpful to know how to express your emotions in Italian, so you can share your feelings about your experiences with friends and family.  

Here are some common words and expressions:



If you’d like to express that you are happy, you can use one of these expressions:

Sono felice – I’m happy

Sono contento/a – I’m happy



If something has happened to make you feel sad, you would say:

Sono triste – I’m sad

Mi sento triste – I feel sad



Maybe there’s another bus strike and you can’t get to work, or your favourite restaurant is closed this evening and you are not happy about it:

Sono arrabbiato/a – I’m angry

Mi sono arrabbiato/a – I got angry / I lost my temper

Sono incavolato (informal) – I’m cross / I’m annoyed / I’m mad



If you see something scary or frightening on your travels and want to describe how it made you feel, then you could use one of these expressions:

Ho paura – I’m scared 

Sono spaventato/a – I’m scared



Perhaps it’s Saturday night and all your friends are busy so you’re at home with nothing to do:

Mi annoio – I’m bored



Maybe something surprising happened today, in Italian you could say:

Sono molto sorpreso/a – I’m very surprised

Che sorpresa! – What a surprise!


In love

And finally, if you do happen to meet the love of your life on your Italian travels, how do you express that love?

Mi sono innamorato/a – I’ve fallen in love