Fiat Heir Says Renault Copied the Fiat 500

| Tue, 03/25/2014 - 21:15

Did the French really copy the Fiat 500?

Italian entrepreneur Lapo Elkann, member of the Agnelli family and former marketing manager for FIAT, recently published a post on his Facebook page, asking his followers: “What do you think about the French copying Fiat 500?!??!!! Renault stop the cheating and be original! #fiat500 #beoriginal #becreative”.

The post was accompanied by a photo collage showing the new French-made Renault Twingo and the Italian Fiat 500.

Elkann had not to wait long for his followers to respond, and there are basically two split opinions: those who agree with Elkann saying that the look of the two cars is very similar, while others point out significant differences between the two, even adding that there is a certain similarity between the Fiat 500L and the Mini Countryman.

Now, what side are you on?