Five Reasons to Hire an International Property Specialist in Italy

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| Wed, 06/08/2022 - 15:29
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Who hasn't switched on the TV and fancied themselves the owner of a villa in Tuscany or a turnkey penthouse apartment in the center of Rome, Milan or Florence? Italy's lifestyle has long attracted people from all over the world for its diverse landscape and vibrant artistic heritage. It is a country that has it all, from glittering coastlines to cypress-lined dirt roads in Tuscany to hearty mountain culture and quaint medieval hilltop towns.

Many remarkable properties are for sale across Italy, but finding that perfect place for you and your family can be tricky. This is when it counts to hire a certified international property specialist who can give you accurate guidance to find exactly what you need with the least number of headaches.

Wondering if a property specialist is what you need? Here are five reasons why you should consider hiring an expert property specialist. 

1. Get Italian OFF Market listings. Classic with a difference: from the ordinary to the unexpected

Just as the country of Italy is diverse in its rich offerings, so are the properties for sale within it. With the help of a certified specialist, they can introduce you to off-market listings that no one else has access to from browsing the internet thanks to their long-established connections. Think majestic penthouses in Milan, spectacular coastline villas in Sardinia's Emerald Coast, and magnificent castles and architectural masterpieces in Tuscany. You will see what isn't out there already all over the internet and will ultimately have more choices when it comes to properties around Italy. 

2. Enjoy valuable market insights

The current Italian real estate stock cannot meet the new demand for services and comfort. In addition, there is a growing appetite for upgraded, certified green buildings with a significant focus on quality, technological innovation and sustainability.

So, while the demand is gradually increasing, the actual properties can be hard to find. The ideal new home is increasingly technology-oriented and connected to the needs of its users.

One solution is to go for a design-build construction program focused on residential properties as a second home; this allows for creating more energy-efficient homes and using newer building materials with better insulation. With a property consultant on your side, they can encourage any new build to have up-to-date innovation and develop sensory buildings to support the ultimate customer experience.

3. It really is the best choice for home buyers

Typically, potential home buyers are forced to consult various websites and magazines, compare countless ads, and send and receive numerous emails and phone calls. Not to mention view an unknown number of properties that often do not fully meet their expectations and needs while hunting for an ideal home.

Essentially, it's... a lot.

The buyer can't seize most of the opportunities offered by the market as there is no single database of properties for sale available and wait times can be obnoxious as best, with many emails and calls left unanswered.

The perks of using a certified property consultant are that you get access to a multi-channel network that fully understands your needs. It will be their job to search everything that the real estate market proposes, considering adverts of both private individuals and agencies, real estate auctions, construction companies, and a range of properties that are not formally on the market that the consultant has access to because of their professional relationships.

4. Procurement Specialist: a power of attorney is your answer

For non-resident investors who are not physically in the place where they want to buy, or for people who wish to remain anonymous and those who cannot find what perfectly meets their needs and/or who no longer have to deal with the search in person, this is a viable option.

A property consultant can double as your power of attorney depending on the authority you wish to give. It can be limited to a simple operation of researching and purchasing a property or can expand throughout the investment cycle, from preliminary idea and concept to disposal.

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5. They offer true, Integrated REAL ESTATE Services

The mission envisages a complete paradigm shift compared to that adopted by other operators by facilitating an interdisciplinary dialogue between foreign investors entering Italy and an assortment of third parties who will be available for specific consultancies and services, such as a notary, lawyer, accountant for fiscal verifications and architect, surveyor and engineer for urbanistic verifications or planning. They will serve as a single point of access for all processes related to the life cycle of an investment proposed in a transversal and integrated way.

Interested in hiring your own certified International property specialist?

Valeria Petza is the Founder of TROPHYASSET.TRAVEL Advisory Boutique with a pan-Italy presence. She operates in the legendary Costa Smeralda, Sardinia's prettiest coastline, and jet-set destinations nationwide: the Eternal City of Rome and its imposing Colosseum, Florence and its staggering art history and Renaissance beauty, the most romantic city on Earth, Venice with its canals for beautiful memories, the atmosphere of Milan and its famous fashion brands.

Valeria and her core strategic partners procure prestigious estates and dream homes located in the most extraordinary areas of Italy and support clients from anywhere in the world. In her words: 

I'm a Certified International Property Specialist with a pan-Italy presence, internationally-minded with in-depth local market expertise. The CIPS designation is the only international designation recognized by the National Association of REALTORS®. Because of my multicultural sensitivity, I understand the importance of meeting non-resident investors' and buyers' needs and exceeding their expectations. An in-depth understanding of a non-resident buyer's needs is crucial because every market is different regarding how properties are marketed, how ownership is secured, and who gets involved in completing a transaction. As a CIPS designee, I help cross-border buyers – primarily US buyers – connect the exciting world of owning a fabulous second home market in Italy.

Valeria has a more profound knowledge of PropTech and disruptive technology but prefers not to automate conversations with you. So instead, contact Valeria directly via WhatsApp +39 342 1440870 or via email and start your overseas property search with her!