Go On Vacation in Italy’s Cilento for Two Euros A Day

Wed, 07/22/2020 - 00:06
The coast near Pisciotta in Cilento

Many destinations in Italy are trying to lure visitors with special initiatives this summer in an attempt to help the local economy recover from the setback caused by Covid-19. 

One such destination is the village of San Mauro La Bruca, province of Salerno, in the southern region of Campania. It may seem like a place without attractions to most, but the village is in the heart of the Cilento National Park, a Unesco World Heritage site, which extends from the Tyrhennian coast to the feet of the Campania-Lucania Apennines. The park includes the archeological sites of Paestum, famous for its three ancient Greek temples, Velia, an ancient city of Magna Grecia, and the Padula Charterhouse, a Carthusian monastery, the largest in Italy.  

The village of San Mauro La Bruca itself, located between the mountains and the sea, with beautiful views, is rich with history and immersed in nature; it is near the coast, with the famous beaches of Pisciotta, Palinuro and Camerota, while for those who love hiking there are many trails to explore. In addition, this is mozzarella di bufala campana dop area, and many other delicacies. 

You can now vacation in this little-known gem for just two euros a day. San Mauro La Bruca is offering rooms for rent in a municipality-owned structure at the cost of two euros per night for no more than seven nights per couple. The rooms will be assigned in chronological order after receiving a request and will be available from July 25 until September 30, 2020. In order to be considered, you need to reside outside the region of Campania and have no relatives in the region. 

Renters will need to carry their own bed sheets and pillows, as they are not included in the price. But it is considered a small inconvenience for all that is available nearby. The hope is to attract a type of tourism that is interested in and respectful of local traditions, stressing sustainability and peacefulness, explains the mayor of San Mauro La Bruca.

For more information on how to apply, consult the website of the municipality of San Mauro La Bruca, where you can even find the English version! (The opportunity is open to both Italian and foreign tourists.)

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