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@Ugo asks:

Britain has removed Italy from the list of safe countries on the Covid front, which means that anyone arriving in the UK from Italy starting on Sunday must observe a 14-day period of self-isolation. This was announced by the British Ministry of Transport quoted by the Press Association.

@DeborahT asks:

Dear All.  Thank you for your responses.  Your help is appreciated.  We do not know whether or not to use a bilingual solicitor for the purchase.  It will cost €4k more than if we don't.  So the purchase costs will be €8k rather than €4k on a purchase price of €25k.  There are no estate agents in

@Teolo18 asks:

Hi Can anyone recommend methods or products to clean and brighten limestone windowsills?  In my two photos you can see the dark staining next to the gold window frame and also the effect caused by part being behind the wooden shutters/part exposed to the elements.