Grazie Mille! - Expressing Appreciation

| Thu, 12/23/2010 - 06:08
Heart with words "grazie"

English speakers tend to overdo “Please” and “Thank you”, just as we famously say “Sorry” too much but we don’t think that you can ever be too polite in Italy!

Here are some ways to express thanks for those Italian Christmas gifts and for that wonderful Italian hospitality:

How to say thank you in Italian

There are many ways to say “Thank you” and among them are:


Grazie mille

Grazie di cuore

You can say

ti ringrazio tanto

to a friend.

La ringrazio tanto

is more formal.

When you receive a gift, you can exclaim:

Grazie. È troppo bello! – Thank you. It’s very beautiful.

Or you can say

Grazie. Mi piace tanto – Thank you. I like it very much.

Replies to “grazie” are:



Non c’è di che – Don’t mention it.

Italians often say

Di che cosa? – For what?

in reply to “grazie”. It’s like saying, “It was nothing”.

Saying thank you for a meal or for hospitality

To express appreciation at the table, you can say,

Quant’è buono! – How good it is!


È ottimo – It’s excellent.

The ultimate compliment is, of course, the request

Mi dai [to a friend] / Mi da [to an acquaintance] la ricetta, per favore? - Will you give me the
recipe, please?

When you are leaving your host’s home, you can say,

Grazie per la festa – Thank you for the celebration


Grazie per la bella giornata / serata – Thanks for the lovely day / evening

and the host can reply

Grazie per la compagnia – Thanks for the company.

Don’t forget to say “Auguri” [“Best wishes”] to everyone again before you go!

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