How to Talk About Clothes This Autumn

Fri, 09/27/2019 - 00:24
How to Talk About Clothes This Autumn

As summer ends and autumn begins, many Italians embark on the ‘cambio di stagione nell’armadio’. This is when it’s common for Italians to change their summer clothes for their winter clothes, according to the change in season. Il cambio di stagione means ‘change in season’ and ‘nell’armadio’ means ‘in the wardrobe’.

Whether or not this is something you practice yourself, it can be helpfully to have some relevant vocabulary to use when talking Italian. Today we’re going to look at some clothes vocabulary that are relevant to the change in season:


La giacca – jacket (light)

Il giubbotto – jacket (thicker)

Il cappotto – coat

L’impermeabile - raincoat

La sciarpa – scarf

I guanti – gloves

Il cappello – hat

L’ombrello - umbrella

Il maglione – sweater / jumper

Il golf –cardigan

La camicia - shirt

I pantaloni – trousers

I jeans – jeans

La gonna - skirt

Gli stivali – boots

Vestiti pesanti – warm clothes

Di pelle – made of leather, for example giacca di pelle – leather jacket


In terms of where you put your new autumn clothes, there are a few options:

L’armadio - wardrobe or closet

La cabina armadio - walk-in wardrobe or closet

Il cassetto – drawer


 And what about where you put your summer clothes? They could go in:

Una valigia – a suitcase

Una borsa – a bag

Una scatola – a box or container

La soffitta - the loft/attic

Il ripostiglio storage closet or cupboard)


As autumn progresses and you’re noticing it’s a little cooler wherever you are, you could try out these autumnal expressions:


Aria settembrina fresco la sera e fresco la mattina – September air is cool in the evening and cool in the morning


Ottobre è bello ma tieni pronto l’ombrello! – October is beautiful but keep you umbrella at the ready!

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