How to Write a Business Email in Italian, Inspired by Eike Schmidt

Thu, 03/09/2023 - 05:30
Eike Schmidt
Eike Schmidt, the director of the Uffizi Galleries, has a zero-tolerance policy for poorly worded (and punctuated) emails / Photo: Stefano Cellai via Dreamstime

When digital decorum flew out the window late last year at the stateliest museum in Florence, Eike Schmidt took it upon himself to write a “rules of good email etiquette” manifesto.

As previously reported by BBC News, Schmidt, the director of the Uffizi Galleries since 2015, outlined a number of no-nonsense best practices for his staff to follow in their internal communications. Chief among Schmidt’s pet hates were unnecessary ellipses, over-use of “shouting” in all caps,

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