Italian Swimwear Fashion 2013

As beachgoers hit the sand in colourful prints or retro inspired suits, we look at the 2013 Italian swimwear trends through the collections of Italy's most famous beachwear brands: La Perla, Yamamay and Parah. This year, Italy's best beaches are dominated by fashionable bathers in bright colors and floral or digital prints. Flashy orange, strawberry, lime, and cobalt blue suits are definitely setting the 2013 trend. But retro inspired suites are actually catching the attention of women who like a classic timeless beachwear look, like the La Perla Mediterranean style collection inspired by the breathless beauty of Sicily. Clashing colours and/or prints between your bikini top and bikini bottoms are still popular, Yamamay offers a great selection of mix and match options. And you cannot miss having a trikini in your drawer this summer as Parah has managed to make them trendy and ready to be worn in every glamorous event. While trends may come and go, Italian designers have a long history of producing the most in-demand beachwear every season. To look your best on an Italian beach its important to understand the haute couture tastes that have shaped the Italian swimwear industry.So from La Perla and Parah to the modern Yamamay, do not miss the history of Italian swimwear.