Italy Travel Horoscope 2013

Wed, 01/02/2013 - 09:58

"Non e' vero, ma ci credo." ( It is not true, but I believe it.) Italians say! And this goes for the horoscope too. Every year in Italy, during the first weeks of January, TV shows, magazines and dedicated websites devote time to the horoscope for the new year. The focus is usually on what the stars predict regarding your health, love, work and money. Even this year, at ITALY Magazine, we decided to have fun and commissioned an Italy related horoscope for our readers. Have fun!


The year 2013 would be dynamic for Aries in all phases of life. Your role in society and family shall get reinforced for the better. You shall turn out to be a helping hand for those around you who want to plan a trip to Italy. Just remember that not everyone is as dynamic and adventurous as you are, so adapt your trip suggestions to your friends’ tastes and interests.


Life would be a sweet Italian song with not much troubles for you in 2013. Make full use of your creativity to come up with the best tour of Italy. Pleasures occupy much of your time this year, so use it to make your dream come true and get planning for a long vacation. In general peace and tranquility will prevail so go for a relaxing resort on the Tuscan hills or the Dolomites.


A trip to Italy will be beneficial for work and also for family relations this year. Planning for a family trip will take away all your worries. So start looking for a big comfortable holiday house because bringing your family and friends along is the key to your perfect Italian holiday in 2013. We suggest the Cinque Terre area in Liguria or the Ostia Antica area in Lazio.


Your toils in previous years shall bring forth good results. There would be a general growth in all area of your life, including travelling. We know you are always most comfortable at home, but your resolutions to visit Italy will be able to take wings this year. So start choosing your destination and book a small B&B or a guest house where you can feel at home in Italy. We suggest Capri or Ischia.


Events shall flow with a better spark and schedule this year. Some moments of uncertainty and melancholy might creep in during the middle part of the year, but do not lose your cool and get planning for your trip to Apulia or Sicily. With their summer festivals and sunny beaches, they both offer many occasions to have fun and delve into Italy’s mediterranean culture.


Your pace this year would be very speedy in all your endeavors. You will be able to combine your love for animals and nature in a beautiful horse riding holiday in Le Marche or in a fishing trip around Sardinia. Choose a location close to one of the many wonderful Italian Nature Parks or Nature Preserves to enjoy it even more.

Italy Travel Horoscope


You love being surrounded by friends, so get in touch with those around you, the near and dear ones, and get packing for a wonderful Italian experience. Your love for art and music suggests a visit to Umbria during one of Italy's most celebrated musical events- the Umbria Jazz Festival or the Veneto for a fantastic evening at the Opera at the Arena di Verona.


The year 2013 may prove to be especially challenging for Scorpios, you feel cramped for space and this leads to frustrations. However, Jupiter will turn into your favour around the middle of the year and give you a lot of relief in all areas of your life. Further education and travel are on the cards. So you should finally go for that Italian language holidays of your dream. A language school in either Siena, Lucca or Rome will also offer you plenty of fun!


This year, your spirits will be so high that you may be in love with everything in life. It is also an auspicious time for travelling, so your preference for any situation that requires courage and action, may take you free climbing on the Alps, hydrospeeding in Trentino Alto Adige, rafting in Campania, simply having fun and celebrating life Italian style!


The year 2013 shall help you to see life in a new light and diversify your priorities. There would be more time for you to relax and rejuvenate than the previous year. The 2nd half of the year indicates plenty of journeys with the business or work partner, but this year you will prolong your stay and turn it into a full holiday. Those of you in a relationship, will have their partners joining them for a sensuous break in a luxurious boutique hotel on the Amalfi Coast or in Venice.


Its time to make some drastic changes in your life. You may take a keen interest in various forms of art particularly music and poetry. A literary tour of Tuscany or a tour of Italy’s most interesting museums is the right choice for you. This trip might turn into a life changing experience and, perhaps, even make you decide to move to Italy and start a new life in the Bel Paese. Those of you who are willing to relocate have stars in their favour.


Overall, the picture of 2013 seems positive, but you might not make it to Italy this year. However, your love for art and your amazing imagination will make the most out of all things Italian around you. Join an Italian language course, use all the on-line resources of specialised websites,
join forums and exchange ideas with other people who love Italy. And do not forget to start planning for your next trip!