It’s So Delicious!

Thu, 04/09/2020 - 09:05
Easter colomba

If you’re planning on cooking some delicious Italian food at home this week, what Italian expressions could you use to describe your food? ‘Che buono!’, which means ‘so tasty’ is a common way to say something is delicious. But what if you want to add some variety to what you say?


This word is the direct translation of ‘delicious’ and can be used to describe all sorts of food. It ends in -o in the masculine singular and -a in the feminine singular:

Questa torta è deliziosa! – This cake is delicious
Questo biscotto è delizioso – This biscuit is delicious


This also means ‘delicious’ or ‘excellent’ and follows the same grammar rules for masculine singular (-o) and feminine singular (-a). In the plural these become -i for masculine plural and -e for feminine plural:

Le pizze fatte in casa sono squisite – The homemade pizzas are delicious / excellent
I tuoi antipasti sono sempre squisiti – Your starters are always delicious / excellent


This means ‘appetising’ and or ‘appealing’:

Il dolce ha un aspetto appetitoso – The dessert looks appetising


This means ‘tasty’:

I panini sono molto gustosi – The sandwiches are very tasty


In English, we could translate this as ‘flavourful’ or ‘flavoursome’:

È un piatto molto saporito – It’s a very flavoursome dish


We can use this to describe meat, and it means ‘succulent’ or ‘juicy’:

Il maiale è davvero succulento – The pork is very succulent 


‘Invitante’ can mean both and ‘tempting’ and ‘moreish’. The -e ending is used for both masculine and feminine singular words, and in the plural this becomes -i:

Quel cibo è piuttosto invitante – That food is rather moreish
I cocktail sono invitanti – The cocktails are tempting

There are two expressions we can use in Italian to describe how good something tastes:

Da leccarsi i baffi

This expression literally means ‘to lick one’s moustache’! The real meaning is that something is so good it makes you want to lick your lips. It can be translated as ‘mouthwatering’:

Hai preparato una bistecca da leccarsi i baffi – You’ve made a steak that is absolutely mouthwatering

Far venire l’acquolina in bocca

This is the Italian expression to say ‘to make someone’s mouth water’:

Il profumo di quella pasta mi ha fatto venire l’acquolina in bocca – The smell of that pasta is making my mouth water

I hope you have a chance to make some tasty Italian dishes this week and use some of this vocabulary to describe them!