La Salute - Talking Health in Italian

Thu, 11/29/2018 - 17:26

You may have heard the word salute in Italian. It can be translated in the following ways:

Health / wellbeing

Bere troppo alcol fa male alla salute

Drinking too much alcohol is bad for your health


- Bless you!


If you sneeze, you may hear a person say salute!


- Cheers!


Often said before having a drink with family and friends. 



When talking about health and wellbeing, here are some useful expressions:


Mi sento bene - I feel well

Mi sento male - I feel unwell

Sono malato / a - I am ill

Avere mal di testa -  To have a head ache

Avere mal di stomaco - To have a stomach ache

Avere la febbre - To have a temperature

Essere raffreddato / a - To have a cold

Avere la tosse - To have a cough

La visita medica - Medical examination

L’ospedale - Hospital

L’ambulanza - Ambulance

La medicina - Medicine

La ricetta - Prescription

La pastiglia - Tablet

Lo sciroppo - Syrup

Fare male

Fare male means ‘to hurt’. It is often used with a pronoun for example mi fa male means ‘it hurts me’ or ti fa male means ‘it hurts you’. If the body part that hurts is singular you use the third person singular of fare - fa - but if the body part is plural you need to use the third person plural of fare - fanno.

Mi fa male la gola - My throat hurts

Mi fa male la gamba - My leg hurts

Ti fanno male gli occhi - Your eyes hurt

Ti fa male la schiena? - Does your back hurt?

Le fa male il dente - Her tooth hurts

Ci fanno male i denti - Our teeth hurt


Proverbs and expressions using salute


Una mela al giorno toglie il medico di torno. - An apple a day keeps the doctor away.


Il riso fa buon sangue. - Laughter is the best medicine.


Buona salute è la vera ricchezza. - Good health is true wealth.


Chi è in buona salute è ricco senza saperlo. - Those in good health are rich without knowing it. 


Chi vuole conservare la salute per la vecchiaia, non la sciupi in gioventù. - Those who want to save health for their old age don’t waste it in youth.


I hope this language lesson about health and wellbeing has been an interesting and useful read. Alla nostra salute! To our good health!