Language for The Countryside

Thu, 04/23/2020 - 07:17
countryside in italy

If you’re lucky enough to live in or near the countryside, you may want to talk about the nature you can see right on your doorstep. There are fields, woods and mountains full of wild animals. 

Let’s start by learning some of the vocabulary to talk about the animals who live in the countryside – gli animali da campagna. 

I mammiferi – mammals
I cavalli – horses
I conigli – rabbits
I criceti – hamsters
Le mucche – cows
Le capre – goats
I topi – mice
I ratti – rats

Gli uccelli – birds
Le cocorite – budgies
I pappagalli – parrots
Le anatre – ducks
Le colombe – doves
Le galline – hens
I galli – roosters

I rettili – reptiles
Le lucertole – lizards
I serpenti – snakes
Le tartarughe – turtles

Gli anfibi – amphibians
Il tritone – newt
Le salamandre – salamanders

Insetti – insects
Le formiche – ants
I grilli – crickets
I ragni – spiders
Gli scorpioni – scorpions

If you like to get out and about in the countryside, there are various activities you could do, either alone or with friends and family. These include:

Fare una passeggiata – To have a walk
Correre – To go running
Fare jogging – To go for a jog
Fare trekking – To go for a hike
Nuotare / Fare un bagno – To go swimming
Andare in bici – To go for a bike ride
Andare a cavallo – To go horse riding 
Sentire il profumo dei fiori – To smell the flowers
Raccogliere i fiori – To pick flowers
Guardare l’alba – To watch the sunrise
Guardare il tramonto – To watch the sunset

Divertiti in campagna! Enjoy the countryside!