New Smartphone App To Help Consumers Identify Authentic Made in Italy Products

Thu, 02/09/2017 - 08:00
Made in Italy

In an attempt to fight the widespread problem of counterfeit Italian products (products passed off as Italian when in fact they’re produced, cheaply, somewhere else), the non-profit organization Reliabitaly has created a free app that allows consumers to check if the product they’re buying is indeed Made in Italy.

Once people have downloaded the app, they can use it to scan the bar code of the item they want to purchase and find out if it’s authentic or not, along with information about the item itself and how it was made. Reliabitaly says it verifies the production methods, from raw materials to processing, to guarantee not only that a product is made in Italy, but also that it is made following those quality standards that have made the ‘Made in Italy’ such a coveted brand around the world.

Consumers can check products from different categories, including food and wine, possibly the sector where fakes and frauds are most common, as well as clothing and design products.

Not all authentic Italian products however are included in the database of the app as manufacturers sign up voluntarily. The app can be used in Italy and abroad.  

According to consumer association Coldiretti, the market of fake Italian products, known as ‘Italian sounding’, is more profitable than the Made in Italy market, valued at 54 billion euros, double the amount made through exports of genuine Italian items.

For more information, visit the Reliabitaly website

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