One-Third of Italians are Unsatisfied in the Bedroom

| Mon, 02/14/2011 - 03:18

Is alcohol to blame for Italy’s lack-luster love lives? A new survey has found that 29% of young Italian men, and 35% of women are disappointed in the bedroom, and drinks may be a part of the problem.

Sigo, a Rome-based company, surveyed 600 Italians aged 18 to 35 about their romantic lives and found that a third were dissatisfied. The number of thwarted lovers is a bit of a surprise coming from a country with a passionate reputation.

Experts blame increased use of drug and alcohol as the main culprits, with cell phone and computer use as other recognized as mood-killers. In fact, the survey revealed that 64 percent of male respondents and 52 percent of females reported believing alcohol helps intimacy.

They’re warning young Italians to ditch their vices, and to get off the computer if they want to spend more time in the bedroom.

Italians will have to dump their gadgets and their booze if they want to maintain their Casanova reputation.

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