South Korea Bans Fendi's Fur

| Tue, 05/17/2011 - 05:39

Italian fashion house Fendi has been told to change their Fall/Winter collection if they want to debut their new line in South Korea. Official in Seoul are insisting that Fendi remove all the fur from their latest designs before sending them down the runway.

The famous Italian luxury brand was set to host the show on a new state of the art floating island in Seoul’s Han River.

The city received several complaints from animal rights groups and worried that the furry fashion could result in negative backlash. Since the new island is public property, officials were loath to allow the show to continue in light of the public’s disapproval.

Fendi was preparing to present 40 fall/winter looks, including 20 fur pieces, but city officials have threatened to cancel the runway show unless all the fur is removed.

The fashion firm described the request as sudden and last minute but vowed to continue negotiating with the city in hopes that the show could go on as scheduled.