Stazzo in Luras, Sardinia

Wed, 07/30/2008 - 09:56
Words by Carla Passino

Sheltered behind a low wall, a creamy-hued stone longhouse surveys a verdant countryside of oaks and granite outcrops, a small lake sparkling in the distance. It is a restored three-bedroom stazzo, a traditional farmhouse, in Gallura, north-east Sardinia. The stazzi were traditionally home to local farmers but are increasingly being converted into country houses. Usually made of granite, which is easily available in the area, they tend to be long and low—rarely more than one storey high—and blend seamlessly with the landscape.
This one is no exception. It belongs to the hillside it perches on, much like the trees that shade it and the tufts of grass that front it. Its windows and verandah frame perfect views of Lake Liscia, a small man-made marvel, and the hills that surround it—a luxuriant countryside that makes some of the best wines on the island.
The interiors match the vernacular façade, with exposed beams and fireplaces, traditional tiles and wooden furniture. And there’s room on the grounds to create a panoramic swimming pool.
Both inside and out, this is quintessential Gallura, rural, verdant, tranquil. It is a far cry from the glitzy Sardinia of yachts, celebrities and paparazzi, which, however, is a mere 25 kilometres away, as is a white and turquoise beach, and the international airport in Olbia. Even closer is the Cantina Sociale in Tempio—the place to stock up on an extraordinary Vermentino wine called Canayli.
“What makes this property special is that it is a traditional Sardinian villa at an affordable price,” says selling agent Linda Travella of Casa Travella, who has been selling Italian property since 1987.
The asking price is €330,000. For further information, contact Casa Travella on +44 01322 660988 or visit,