Suor Cristina - an Italian nun - is latest talent show phenomenon in a real-life "Sister Act" moment (VIDEO)

Suor Cristina

The Whoopi Goldberg film "Sister Act" is one Italians love. It makes regular appearances on Italian national TV and it is always a popular one for young and old alike. So when last night, on the Italian version of talent show "The Voice", Italians were faced with a real-life Sister Act they could hardly contain their enthusiasm. Suor Cristina Scuccia, 25 years old from Comiso - Sicily, walked on to the stage and thrilled everyone with her version of Alica Keys "No One". As one by one the judges turned to see who had the public on their feet they were shocked to find the small figure of a nun dancing on stage. Judge Raffaella Carà asked "Are you a real nun" - to which Suor Cristina answered "I am a very real nun!". Raffaella then went on to ask "But how come you are here?" and Suor Cristina replied "I have a gift and I am gifting it to you all". One by one the judges tried to convince Suor Cristina to join their team, with Italian rapper J-Ax proposing that she should join his team because together they would make an unbelievable duo as "The Devil and the Holy Water". In an unexpected turn of events she did choose J-Ax because he was the first judge to turn and face her.

Suor Cristina joined the order of the Suore Orsoline della Sagra Famiglia in Milano after participating in a musical at her local church. She was torn between joining the nuns or following studies at art school but eventually she decided that singing could be her way of sharing her faith. The rest of Italy now can't wait to follow her next steps on the talent show.