Support Italian Heritage - Share an Image Fund Drive

At ITALY Magazine we consider it our mission to help connect our readers with Italy in meaningful ways. To celebrate Italian Heritage Month we decided to help a great Italian organization - FAI (Fondo Ambiente Italiano or the Italian National Trust) - in the work it does to preserve the amazing cultural heritage of Italy. We are asking for your help to achieve this.

Here is what you can do: Help us celebrate Italian Heritage Month by sending us images that capture the essence of Italian Heritage for you. Whether images of your family moving from Italy for a new life in a different country, you going back to meet long-lost Italian relatives, or images of Italy that you took and symbolize all that is great. Send them to with a little background story or just a caption for the image.

Here is what we will do: We will gather the pictures together, select the most representative ones and share them with all to enjoy on October 31st. For every picture we post we will also donate $2 to FAI. We want to make this a nice significant donation so send those pictures in!

Note: By sharing the photo you allow us to use it on You retain all other copyright.