Wood Objects Favorites for Christmas Gifts This Year

| Fri, 12/13/2013 - 04:00

That rustic touch seems to never go out of style.

Wood is still widely used in the design industry, both for its solidity and pliability, and it is particularly popular this year for Christmas gifts, from toys to furniture to objects of various kinds.

Young Italian designers are exploiting this trend to make their names known. For example, an e-commerce site called LoveTheSign was established to list products by young designers.

Wood allows designers to use one of the oldest building materials available to make something unique, while at the same time respecting the environment; such is the case when wood waste is used or when new trees are planted as substitutes. Woodly for example is a Parma-based company that produces cribs and beds for infants using wood and environmentally sustainable materials. Together with Treedom.it, Woodly has launched the “Una culla un albero” initiative: for every crib they sell, a tree will be planted taking the name of the child to whom the crib is destined.