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[FONT=Arial]Can anyone think of a reason why we could not have an items for sale area on the forum? The obvious exclusion would be property as this is advertising revenue for the magazine, but if I had a dining room table or car for sale, people in my area might be interested. When I first joined this forum (many years ago!) we used to have such a thing and then it disappeared.

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I think that it would be a good idea providing we keep it at an occassional, personal level and we do not allow commercial interests in. I do not think that the magazine would be loosing any revenue as this type of sales would not interest them. On the other hand, it could help some members. Perhaps we could start a "sticky" thread under the Furniture sub-forum and keep announcements or queries there. I guess that it would be mainly furniture and household items. Then, Ronald and the Moderators can easily monitor the situation and delete any unwanted advertising.

I think I suggested this many moons ago, but as my memory fails me yet again, cannot remember the reasons that it didnt happen, worth another try though.

As long as they are individual items, rather than a commercial operation then I think we should allow and support it..............I don't think Italmag could possibly get involved in ANY way other than allowing for the communication of the objects for sale?

I seem to remember suggesting it too. Yesterday in fact, in the new Atenzione Group..