Italian Parents Ask Court to Evict Adult Son

Natalie Aldern | Thu, 09/22/2011 - 00:20

Fed up with a freeloading son, a husband and wife in northern Italy have turned to the legal system to evict their adult son.

The 41-year-old man refuses to find his own lodging, even after repeated requests by his parents. Their son has a job and could afford to live on his own but prefers the convenience of his childhood home.

The Venetian parents, who have managed to stay anonymous, enlisted the help of a lawyer from an Italian consumer association, Adico.

The legal team sent a letter to the son, instructing him to vacate his parent’s home within six days or face legal action. Should he elect to stay, Adico will petition the court to grant the parents an order of protection against their own son.

The father justified the eviction by revealing that the stress of having their son at home is making his wife sick.

"He demands that his clothes be washed and ironed and his meals prepared. He really has no intention of leaving", the father explained.

Lawyers from Adico said that many Italian families face the same challenge. The group recently convinced another adult son to fly the coop and his parents promptly changed the locks.

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