Fiat 500 Drives into American Hearts

Mon, 04/18/2011 - 06:41

The retro design of the Fiat Cinquecento is winning over American drivers. After 48 years of absence, Fiat has re-entered the US market to rave reviews.

Usually known for their love of minivans and SUVs, with petrol prices at all time high some American consumers are trading in their gas-guzzler for a sporty new Italian ride.

Since the Fiat 500 was released in the US and Canada on 1 April, dealerships have completely sold out. Even the showroom models have been promised to customers, and the list to snatch up a cinquecento in the next shipment is still growing.

The success of the iconic Italian car proves that Americans are ready and willing to save on space and splurge on style.

While the hardtop is still making its way across the United States, Fiat is gearing up to release the convertible version next year.