Storms Claim at Least Seven More Lives

Mon, 11/07/2011 - 02:54

Streets in chaos in Genoa

Torrential rain continued to plague the already water-logged parts of Italy over the weekend, causing flooding and mudslides from Liguria to Campania. Worst hit was the port city of Genoa where at least six were killed, including two children.

Five of the victims, including the mother and her young children, were killed when they tried to take shelter in a building lobby that was soon overrun by flood water. The youngest was reportedly only 11 months old. Several people remain missing.

Genoa authorities urged residents to stay inside and move to higher floors, but officials have come under criticism for failing to warn residents of the extent of danger the storm could bring.

Further south in Campania, at least one man was killed near Naples when the severe weather knocked over a large pine tree, crushing the victim in his car.

A woman, 44, and her 87-year-old father are also missing after their car was swept away in Matera.

The recent tragedies bring the weather-related deaths to 17, after 10 were killed in flooding in Tuscany and Liguria late last month.

A severe weather warning will remain in effect until 6:00 pm tonight.