'Two Greedy Italians' Explore Family and Food

Tue, 07/05/2011 - 04:01

A new show on the BBC is bringing two self-described greedy Italians back to the Bel Paese to see how things have changed in the 40 years since they moved away. By exploring Italy’s changing culture, the chefs try to determine how culinary habits have evolved as well.

The show stars Antonio Carluccio, chef and author of 13 books, and Gennaro Contaldo, the chef credited with teaching Jamie Oliver all he knows about Italian cooking.

In one episode, the two old friends learn how poverty once shaped Campania’s famous cuisine; and on a trip to Puglia the programme searches for a link between religion and food. The chefs even head back to Antonio’s hometown of Borgo Franco to see if Italians have maintained as strong a pride in their own regional dishes as they both remember from childhood.

The chefs may have found their fame and fortune in England, but they have never forgotten their Italian beginnings. While they travel throughout Italy to try various cuisines, they often create their own meals on hotplates, sharing simple but delicious recipes.

Watch the good-natured teasing and top-notch cooking on Episode 1 Part 1 of Two Greedy Italians: