How to Say: At the Beach in Italy

Thu, 05/14/2015 - 18:43
Follonica, Tuscany

It’s almost beach time! If you plan to visit an Italian beach this summer, here are a few words and phrases to practice at the beach.

As you probably know, many Italian beaches are not free, which means they are equipped with umbrellas and beach chairs, and you have to pay a fee to access the beach resort.

So, when you arrive at the stabilimento balneare, beach resort, you will greet the bagnino, lifeguard, and ask:

Buongiorno, vorrei un ombrellone e due sdrai.

Dove li vuoi, davanti o dietro? Where do you want them, front rows or back rows?

If it’s late in the morning, the front row umbrellas (ombrelloni in prima fila) will probably all be taken, so you’ll have to settle for something in the back rows.

Non ho più ombrelloni disponibili in prima fila, ma ne ho uno verso il retro. – I don’t have any umbrellas left in the front row, but I have one in the back.

If you don’t care for an umbrella, you can just get the beach chair and be close to the shore – riva.

Uno sdraio, in riva al mare, grazie. – A beach chair near the shore, please. (The bagnino helper will carry the beach chair for you).

Here’s some useful vocabulary for the beach:

Sole – sun

Spiaggia – beach

Sabbia - sand

Mare – sea

Conchiglia - shell

Andare al mare / in spiaggia – go to the beach

Stabilimento balneare – beach resort

Costume – swimsuit, bathing suit

Ombrellone - umbrella

Sdraio - beach chair

Bagnino - lifeguard

Fare il bagno – have a swim

Telo da spiaggia - beach towel

Occhiali da sole – sunglasses

Crema solare – sunscreen

Abbronzatura – tan

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