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06/22/2010 - 13:18

Ciao,I would just like to introduce myself as I'm new to the Forum. I am a Welsh-Italian and live with my husband in a beach resort called Lido Marini (Salento).We bought our Villetta 6 years ago and now spend 7 months of the year in Salento and 5 months back in Cardiff, Wales, to enable us to work (at the moment). I have a very large Italian family who all live in the same village(!!), some 20 minutes away, inland, and I have immensely happy childhood memories of long, hot summers staying with my grandparents.I was brought up speaking the local dialect, so over the past few years have had to re-learn the Italian language again! I find this incredibly difficult at times.However, I am really looking forward to joining in the forum and "meeting" you all, but wondered whether there was anyone out there living in my neck of the woods?Angela


Hi, Angela and welcome. I'm in Sicily and I'm from Cardiff too!  I'm not near enough to you to be able to meet but I'm sure we can chat a lot on here.  Whereabouts in Cardiff are you from? Pat

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Hi Patz, Good to hear from you. We are from Whitchurch, Cardiff and still have a home there which we rent out while we're over here. My youngest daughter (29) lives in Canton, but my eldest daughter (30) lives in Reading. Do you live in Sicily permanently and are you the "Patz" whose articles I have read in Italy Mag? One dog and 6000 books later!! Whereabouts in Cardiff did you live before the big move and what was the motivation to move to Italy permanently? Angela

Ciao, Angela. I lived in Grangetown before moving here.  Yes, I live here permanently.  Well, I'm an Italian graduate who has always loved the country.  I always wanted to move here but life and career got in the way.  Then one day I was 55 and I decided  I couldn't wait any longer! Yes, I'm the article-writer-dog-and-6000-books-lady! Ciao for now, Pat          

Yes! We do not live there, but we have a house south  of Gallipoli, we bought somewhere in Diso (near Castro)commune and all stages of finding somewhere, setting up and getting things organised surprisingly straightforward. The amount of help from we have had from locals has been great