Bellissimo Magazine - Liguria - Summer 2024

Volume 14 of Bellissimo, our quarterly digital magazine, is an in-depth, 80+-page look at Liguria, home to the Italian Riviera.

This region is known for its robust and aromatic flavors, luxurious resort towns and rugged coastline. But we’re here to tell you what you don’t already know about the land of focaccia and Fabrizio de' André. 

What to expect:

  • Learn why the iconic Sanremo Music Festival is the only truly national Italian event, breaking down demographic, geographic, and ideological barriers
  • Unlock the beauty of the Riviera di Levante beyond overhyped, overcrowded Portofino
  • Follow one writer to Seborga, Liguria’s own mini-Monaco, to meet Her Serene Highness Princess Nina, who’s living out a Grace Kelly story
  • Climb the narrow, earthy lanes and old mule tracks known as creuze in search of one Genoese hill town’s vanishing past
  • Expand your Ligurian palate and learn how to make much more than just pesto at home
  • Sample Recco’s legendary focaccia, follow Lord Byron to Porto Venere, peep the coastal views along one new beginner-friendly biking route and the cityscapes as seen from Genoa’s cable cars and lifts
  • Plus, get priceless intel on where to eat, sleep and explore all along this magical narrow strip of northwestern Italy

Get ready to take notes for your next trip. We’ll see you soon in Liguria.


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