Bellissimo Magazine - Puglia - Summer 2022

The sixth edition of Bellissimo, our quarterly digital magazine, covers all things Puglia — the sparkly “heel” of Italy’s boot and a growing hotspot for tourism. Travelers — especially repeat visitors to Italy looking to move beyond the country’s better-worn paths — are discovering what Italians have known all along: that this southern region is packed with idiosyncratic beauty and curiosities, colorful history, spectacular coastlines, and, of course, highly regionalized wine and cuisine. 

In more than 90 pages, we reveal Puglia’s unique architecture, share its time-honored culinary staples, and discover some lesser-known destinations — all within a region that, for many visitors to Italy, remains somewhat mysterious and unexplored. Whether you’re planning a trip or just doing a bit of armchair dreaming, you’ll love this journey through small-town life around the region, wild beaches worth every last vacation day, baroque architectural treasures and exclusive-to-the-region accommodations. Plus, take your Puglia-curiosity to the next level by learning to whip up the region’s classic orecchiette pasta and getting the nitty-gritty on how restoring a quirky trullo house really goes. 

Bellissimo comes out four times a year, so be sure to check out former issues for a deep dive into other captivating regions we’ve explored over time.

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