Bellissimo Magazine - Umbria - Spring 2023

Journey with us through Umbria, the country’s only landlocked region, often described as the “Green Heart of Italy.” Umbria is home to countless curiosities: Montefalco wines, norcinerie pork processing traditions, the world’s largest human-made waterfall, Orvieto ceramics, Etruscan heritage, Perugia chocolate, and an animal-loving saint who inspired untold Christian pilgrimages. ⁠But that shortlist only scratches the surface.

In 85-plus pages, we pay tribute to this incredible region, unlocking Umbrian wonders both familiar and new! Here’s what you’ll discover in this issue:

  • Peek inside the ateliers of two incredible artisans who are almost single-handedly preserving their craft traditions 
  • Go beyond the famous Basilica and take a cheeky “sinner’s stroll” through the spiritual hotbed of Assisi
  • Be transported to Renaissance-era Perugia, stepping inside what just may be the most beautiful bank in the world
  • Get an insider's rundown of the region's most noteworthy wines
  • See why foraging for wild food in the woods still holds its appeal for many adventurous locals
  • Brush up on your Italian skills with a dreamy dual-language article on Marmora Falls, one of the region’s absolute wonders

Try a recipe for crostini ‘briachi, explore the equally worthy “B-sides” of Umbria’s 2025 Italian Capital of Culture candidates (there were three Umbrian picks in the final ten), plus so much more!

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