Buying a Property in Italy Guide

The prospect of buying a home in Italy is the life dream of so many. This wonderfully diverse country has long beckoned people to its marvelous climate, cuisine, and laid-back lifestyle. However, navigating the notorious red-tape and simply knowing where to start is when complications can arise. This is where Nikki Taylor comes in. Nikki is an Australian expat turned real estate and holiday rentals expert, and has been living in Italy for nearly six years working in the real estate industry. She is one of our treasured guest writers focusing on buying property in Italy and she’s known for having helped so many people buy their dream home abroad. Thanks to her help, we have this handy eBook where you will get an easy-to-understand beginner’s compilation on what you need to know before buying a home in Italy with tried-and-true insider tips. Our definitive guide includes details on pricing and fees, how to find and deal with estate agents, what inspections and surveys are necessary, case studies, renovation “real talk” and a lot more. We wish you luck on your journey to find the perfect slice of “dolce vita.”

Our definitive guide includes:
·     details on pricing and fees
·     how to find and deal with estate agents
·     find out what inspections and surveys are necessary
·     case studies
·     renovation “real talk”
·     and other information that will help you get through the process of owning a home in Italy.

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