Top 10 Foods To Try In Tuscany

Rolling hills, historical hill-top towns and some of the best art in the world. There are plenty of reasons to adore Tuscany, a region that I have called home for almost ten years. But if you had to ask me my first love (sorry Nico) I would have to say it's the food, the sheer variety of flavors and textures. Tuscan cuisine, which seems like far too fancy a word for the dishes that hail from 'cucina povera' or poor kitchens that use simple, local & seasonal ingredients is centered around wasting nothing. Using items such as stale bread and seasonal produce to make into tasty dishes ironically seems very rich to me.

What might surprise people, is the scale of different foods from the wild north in Lunigiana to the Maremma countryside, every town seemingly has their own juxtaposing take on common foods. This list includes 10 dishes we recommend sampling on your next visit. Pass a fork, will ya? 

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