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Mon, 05/12/2014 - 08:38

Shelley, Perhaps your experience was not a good one when you had a medical problem - it happens for sure. I don't know about the health care system in the UK, but it's a myth that the health care system is worse than the US or UK.  The World Health Organization ranked the Heath Care Systems in the World in 2014: France #1, Italy #2, the UK #18 and the USA #37.  Remember that each person can have good and bad treatments and experience. I have heard horror stories in all these countries. Generally, I have had a good experience. I see my doctor, have lab tests (with results online) and buy medications and don't pay an arm or a leg for them (most are free).  If I break a leg in the US it could end up costing me $25,000 without expensive private health insurance. It's true that hospitals in Italy look pretty basic compared to the US, but we also won't be threatened with bankruptcy if we happen to fall ill. 

Mon, 05/12/2014 - 05:21

Here is my take from my experiences so far living in Italy: 1) Italy is not for everyone, but for me it fits. 2) If you expect things to work like they do in "America" or "Canada" or the "UK" you will spend your life in frustration. Stop resisting and just adjust to how things are done here and you'll be much happier. 3) Of course you have English speaking friends, but if you don't create relationships with Italians then you will never really feel a part of your community. 4) In life we make choices: Nothing is black and white. Some things are good and some are not so good. Take an accounting.  For me, the simple pleasures of life that I experience everyday make all my hard work to get here and live here worthwhile. Happiness, no matter where you live, depends on you.