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Sun, 12/27/2009 - 20:35

  Thank u!  my situation is that I am alone with our 13yr old, as my husbands still working in the UK. The plan was never for me to be alone here, but we bought in italy and couldnt sell the Uk house during the recession, and the 18 mnths were running out as we'd purchased the house as a first home and needed to quickly make it habitable and lodge residency. Therefore we had to accept alot less for our uk house, and now my husbands forced to stay on there and repay the debt we now have as there wasn't enough money... The house here is not really habitable by any sane person's standards to be honest. No doors inside, leaking roof, no plastering or pointing, part of upstairs missing etc...  and the whole things heated by a dwindling supply of wood that I cant seem to keep up with. I dont speak italian, but I have enrolled onto a course and desperately want and need to. My daughter's at school locally and making friends, but my God its a long day for me. No neighbours and nobody even speaks a little english, so I keep trying to keep up. Some days I honestly feel despair. Theres no reception as we are between 2 mountain ranges, and no phone. No TV and the cellphone only works if I climb the terraces which are incredibly steep and not a good idea for a middle aged woman at night! So, I drive out, like now, and my daughter and I take our laptops and dongles and try to get signals. Also not great at night, but we are so cut off and its the holidays so no school for a while. Sorry for the long post but this is therapy. x