Lyla Strand


I was at a house party after a night at the local pub. I was out on the balcony having a cigarette when I saw a good friend's car pull up in the carpark. I saw 3 guys get out of the car. They came up the stairs and I walked over to them to say hello to my friend - however, he was not there. It was 2 of his friends that I knew, and another male who I'd never seen before. I walked up to them and said hello to the two friend I knew, and gave their unknown friend a hug and introduced myself. My first thought might I add, was that this was by far the sexiest, fittest guy I have ever laid eyes on. He was taller than me, tan skin, brown hair, brown eyes, muscly, fit and just overall gorgeous. As the night went on, I saw him a few times from across the room. Not once did we share any eye contact or communication. To me - he was not interested what so ever. I was happy to admire him from a far, as he was way out of my league.

The next day I woke up and was sitting on the lounge. I checked my phone and had a Facebook message from this gorgeous unknown friend (NK) that read "Really good to meet you last night. How was the rest of your night". I replied back and we shared some small talk - I was really confused by this as he showed no interest in even being friends last night. After we got chatting he asked "Are you free to come over this afternoon?" Now I was VERY confused. Why is he asking me to come over when he didn't even talk to me? I had a fair idea I knew why he wanted me to go over - there would be no other reason. But it didn't make sense.

He was a typically extremely good looking, fit, footballer - who wanted me, a short, chubby no body to come over to his house. Was this a joke? Was I being laughed at behind the scenes without me knowing? I had no idea. This is not something I'd normally do. So I continued the conversation, and asked him what he had planned. He responded with "I can think of plenty of things we can do, but most of them I want to do to you ;)". I was very intrigued, but also very weary. I had always been very conscious about my weight and couldn't think of anything worse than getting undressed in front of a totally hot stranger.

I was hesitant and asked him if we could perhaps wait until later - that I could come over tonight when it was dark. He knew what I was worried about straight away. He reassured me that I didn't need to worry, and that he didn't want to wait to see me. He did however agree to watch a movie with me and see how we go as he didn't want me to feel uncomfortable. I reluctantly agreed.

I headed over to his house. I don't even thing butterflies describe the way I was feeling. I felt pure sick. I still didn't know what was happening. Why me? Nothing made sense. I messaged him to let him know I was out the front and he told me to come to the door. I made my way along the foot path and reached the door where he was standing. He opened the door and gestured for me to come inside, before directing me through a door into his bedroom where he closed the door behind us. He invited me to lay on his bed with him. As I put my bag down on the floor near the door, he sat down on the edge of the bed and grabbed my waist as I walked towards him. The sexual tension between us was intense immediately. He pulled me onto his lap with my knees resting on the bed beside his thighs. He slowly took my jacket off and began slowly rubbing my arms. He reached his head up and kissed me gently before slowly putting his hands up my top to touch my boobs. He reached down to lift my top up - which I grabbed to pull back down. He stopped me, looked me in the eyes and said "You have no reason to feel uncomfortable. I am insanely attracted to you - everything about you. This is what I want."

I don't know what it was about him that instantly made me feel comfortable. He lifted my top up over my head and threw it on the bed beside him. He un-clipped my bra and began playing with my boobs and kissing and sucking my nipples. I'd recently had my nipples pierced and this was the first time I had been with anyone since. The sensation was incredible.

He rolled me over onto my back and pulled down my jeans and underwear. He slowly separated my lips and began gently licking and sucking on my clit. I didn't know how to feel. I was still so confused by what was happening, and overwhelmed by excitement and pleasure as he picked up the pace licking me out. He pushed 2 fingers inside me as he continued licking me out.

It wasn't long before I was on the verge of explosion - it really didn't take long at all. He told me to tell him when I was about to cum - to which I replied almost immediately "I'm going to cum". So he pushed his tongue a little harder on my clit and pushed a little harder and deeper with his fingers. Moments later - I was cumming. All over his face. He very quickly got up, bent me over and pushed his penis inside of me and began fucking me hard and fast doggy style. It was the best I had ever felt. I could feel him gripping my hips hard with his balls slapping against me. He smacked my ass firmly a few times and continued fucking me hard until I came again, this time all over his hard dick - making him cum too.

After we'd finished we laid on his bed for a little, before I sat up and said "I'd better get going" as I stood up and started putting my pants back on thinking to myself don't hang around, no one invites someone over for sex then wants them to spend the afternoon cuddling in bed. He responded "I dont think so, I'm not finished with you yet" as he grabbed me and pulled me back onto the bed.

He removed my pants from my ankles and rolled me onto my stomach. Before I knew it he was burying his tongue in my ass. I had NEVER experienced this before, nor did I ever have it on my bucket list to tick off. It actually made me feel very uncomfortable. I tried to resist and push him away and ended up with my wrists pinned together behind my lower back as he told me to relax. I tried my hardest to relax and switch my mind off what was happening - and moments later, it actually started to feel good - really good! I was actually enjoying it. After a few minutes when I had relaxed and he could obviously tell I was enjoying it, he laid down on the bed next to me and pulled me on-top of him. I began lowering myself onto him and felt the head of his dick touching my asshole. I pulled away as he said "Just trust me. If you don't like it, I'll stop". Again, I have no idea what it was about this guy I'd just met that made me feel so comfortable, but I trusted him. I felt the pressure as his thick dick was stretching my ass. It hurt, but he went slow. He began thrusting slowly, and let me control the pace. Much to my surprise (and disgust) I actually began to enjoy it. A lot. I had tried it once before in doggy style with a guy much smaller and hated it. But this was incredible. I didn't quite cum this time, but he did. And the feeling of it sent me wild. I just wanted to fuck again.

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We laid back down and watched a movie for about an hour before he was ready to go again. We fucked once more hard and fast with him on top of me before I decided to head home and get some sleep. I was exhausted and hadn't had much sleep from the night before. We both knew this was something we'd have to do again - and we did.