Five Recipes for a Delicious Sicilian Meal

There's something special about Sicilian cuisine that comes from its history as a crossroads of people and cultures. Each conquering population left its mark on the island and the cuisine we enjoy today is a fantastic blend of all those influences combined with the riches provided by the island's climate and soil.  

Below you can find a complete menu inspired by classic Sicilian dishes, featuring some beloved Sicilian staples: hearty pastas, seafood, eggplants, citrus, olives, fresh ricotta, wild fennel, and more. We have included an appetizer featuring the wonderful Sicilian oranges, a "bis di primi" - two pasta dishes (why not) - with classics such as eggplant and swordfish, continue with Parmigiana di melanzane, and conclude with an all-time favorite, cannoli.

Buon appetito!