Our Editor's Top 10 Italy Gift Ideas This Christmas

I can absolutely admit that I am a total procrastinator when it comes to Christmas shopping for loved ones.

I tell myself year after year to get it done early, by the first week of December even. But sure enough, mid-December rolls around and I’m still scrambling to pick up things for everyone I love around the world. The thing is... I personally like to send them something from Italy or entice them to come visit by telling them what experiences I’d like us to do together if they'll come visit. You could rightfully say that's mild bribery on my part,but us long-term immigrants abroad do what we can to get our friends to visit.

In honor of (hopefully) not procrastinating any longer, here are my top 10 gift ideas: all from our shop, experiences or places to stay section. I can stand by each and every item as supporting local artisans or bed and breakfast owners is the best way to share why I love this country and choose to call it casa mia.

Enjoy! And don't forget to browse the rest of our shop for your holiday ideas!